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FFCC01 is a "well loved" system in fair condition (Grade C-) limited edition 10th Aniversary Final Fantasy PSP 2000. The system comes with version 6.61 Infinity Pro or LME firmware (your choice, or LME by default). Please select your options for memory card size and additional software. Each PSP comes with an OEM battery, or new aftermarket battery.

The grading system used:

A - Excellent/Like New : No scratches on the finish, glass lens over the LCD is flawless. No yellowing of the LCD.
B - Very Good : Very minor defects only noticeable if you actively search for them, glass lens has very minor scratches not visible when the system is on. Little to no yellowing of the LCD. 
C - Good : Minor defects will be noticeable, glass lens will have minor scratches not visible when the system is on. Slight yellowing of the LCD, only noticeable on white screens.
D/F - Bad: Scuffs are noticeable. The glass lens has major scratches that will be visible when the system is on. Yellowing of the LCD due to age.