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All controllers in this category are new-in-box controllers, none are "open box", refurbished, or used. All come with their official Sony Playstation DualSense controller packaging to ensure you're not getting a cheap knock-off.

• Care and Protection: All DualSense in the themed category are custom painted or hydro-dipped and then sealed with a soft-touch matte clear coat. Typically, the controllers can be cleaned with a 50:50 ratio of water and isopropyl alcohol. However, we recommend a silicone or clear case for controllers to protect lighter and pastel colors as the clear coat ages.

• Warranty: Up to 30 days, free return shipping and free repair. 31 to 60 days after arrival, we will repair the controller for $20 to cover shipping and parts. After 61 days we can repair the controller for $25 or you can trade it in for $50-$70 store credit.