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For individuals who traded in Joycons ONLY.

In the Seller Instructions use this template based on your order to ensure you get exactly what you want. 

For single color options (i.e. Atomic Purple/OEM Buttons) simply state:

  1. Atomic Purple/D-pad or traditional buttons

For Mixed Color options (i.e. Atomic Purple Left Joycon/Clear Red Right Joycon)

  1. Left Shell Color: Atomic Purple
  2. Right Shell Color: Clear Right
  3. D-Pad: Yes/No

For Full Multi-color options (i.e. Pastel Pink Left Joycon with Pastel Blue Buttons and Pastel Blue Right Joycon with Pastel Pink buttons and white thumbsticks)

  1. Left Shell Color: Pastel Pink
  2. Left Button Color: Pastel Blue
  3. Right Shell Color: Pastel Blue
  4. Right Button Color: Pastel Pink
  5. Thumbstick Color: White