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These are new-in-box Nintendo Switch version 2 systems with two major options, a fully stock, yet cosmetically modified system or a special project version  (Mariko/upgraded battery etc.) that are re-shelled and modified to support additional content. Unlike older systems, these require a more intrusive and somewhat skilled approach to set up. Feel free to message regarding everything.  

Both packages include customer support for the life of the system, as well as hardware enhancements to allow custom themes, cheats, and other content. If you are interested in a color scheme not listed, please let me know. 

By default, the packages come with:

  1. Original Packaging
  2. Customized Joycons/Rear Shell/Dock Faceplate

Additional add-ons and storage sizes can be selected during package configuration. 

Each system is configured after the order clears, estimated processing time is two to five business days.